The Ultimate Party Boat

by Doug on August 23, 2013 1 Comment

Here in Galveston, Texas, a local boat shop owner has undertaken a very ambitious project: The Ultimate Party Boat. Doug Pitassi, a veteran boat builder who has been making boats since before there were child labor laws says this, "I have been presented with many fascinating ideas during the development process of this boat. My team's party theory is exemplary." Pitassi says his team's many ideas will "change the game and the way we look at floating parties forever."

"It can't be too small or it wouldn't be much of a party, and it can't be too big or it would lose that personal touch." Mr. Pitassi has designed many ideas into the boat already like ways to compensate for a less than sober ship captain and turning fishing into a party event. "You have to look at anything that can happen on a boat ...

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Galveston, Texas - Doug Pitassi Boat Repairs

by Doug on August 19, 2013 0 Comments

Owning a boat shop in Glaveston, Texas, I have been on the forefront of the latest nautical technologies and know how to give your boat a running start.

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